Emsculpt Neo

Imagine reducing fat while building muscle at the same time! With EMSculpt NEO, that’s no longer imaginary but a real possibility. This revolutionary non-invasive procedure allows patients to build muscle and burn fat very quickly. Before EMSculpt NEO came along, two different procedures were necessary to treat fat and muscle. One EMSculpt NEO treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats or 20,000 sit-ups. 

What is EMSculpt NEO?

The groundbreaking, FDA-approved EMSculpt NEO combines fat burning and muscle toning in one procedure. It is non-invasive. There are no injections, no sedation, and no recovery time. It is the only aesthetic device that treats fat and builds muscle at the same time.


Manufactured by BTL Aesthetics, EMSculpt NEO achieves results using high-intensity electromagnetic field (HIFEM) technology in conjunction with radiofrequency (RF) heating. How does EMSculpt NEO reduce fat and build muscle? When its applicator emits HIFEM and RF at the same time, muscle temperature increases. Within a few minutes, the temperature rises enough to damage subcutaneous fat cells. This fat cell damage is known as apoptosis. By the time therapy is finished, approximately 30 percent of fat cells have been reduced. Dead fat cells are excreted naturally by the body. Simultaneously, HIFEM contracts all of the target area’s muscle fibers. The muscles adapt to this stress, and muscle fiber and cell growth are boosted by about 25 percent.


Am I A Candidate

If you want to eliminate fat and build muscle strength via a completely non-invasive procedure, EMSculpt NEO may be right for you. EMSculpt NEO is suitable for those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of up to 35. Those who are already fit and work out regularly will build MORE muscle FASTER. Those who feel that they may have plateaued in their workouts can go beyond what they have been able to accomplish in the past with only traditional workouts.


At Privé Med Spa, we treat people with various goals. Patients who want to kick-start a diet and workout regimen, moms wanting to get their pre-baby shape back, and those prepping for a special event or vacation can all benefit from EMSculpt NEO.


Not everyone is a candidate for EMSculpt NEO. Metal hardware or tattoos in the target area precludes treatment. Those with metal implants in their body, including screws or plates in bones, will be excluded from treatment.


EMSculpt NEO cannot be used in anyone with a pacemaker. Women who have an IUD with copper should not receive this treatment, as well as those with hernias or women who are pregnant or nursing. Those with certain medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy or recent surgery are not candidates for EMSculpt NEO. 

What Areas Can Be Treated?

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Quadriceps 
  • Hamstrings 

What To Expect During the Treatment

Clients need to be well hydrated prior to treatment. It is recommendation to drink half your body weight in water for several days leading up to your appointment. You will be asked to remove any metal jewelry, and don’t wear an underwire bra.


The FDA-approved protocol for EMSculpt NEO is to have a series of four treatments performed one week apart. Each session is 30 minutes. During your treatment, you can relax and watch TV. You will feel strong muscle contractions induced by the magnetic energy, and you will feel the heat from the radiofrequency. The provider controls the energies and will keep you very comfortable during your treatment.

Recovery and Results

Following the treatment, you will go about your day.  There is no recovery or downtime, but you may feel like your muscles are engaged, similar to that of a good workout.


You should notice changes within a few weeks to a month of your treatments, which coincides with the end of the four treatment sessions. Within three months, you’ll see the final results of your EMSculpt NEO treatment.


The treatment sessions are the equivalent of between 6 and 12 months of diet and exercise. The fat reduction results are permanent if you do not gain weight and maintain a good diet and exercise regimen. Keeping muscles toned requires some EMSculpt NEO Maintenance treatments.   We offer maintenance packages to help clients who have undergone an initial series.

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